Central Huron Unhappy With North Huron Services Agreement

The Mayor of Central Huron says his council has a few issues with the proposed contract for services provided by North Huron to parts of their municipality.

Jim Ginn explains his council has no problem with the services, but they’re not happy with the fee proposed by North Huron. Ginn points out that Central Huron provides similar services to other municipalities, and the usual fee for that is one and a half times the user rate.

“What most municipalities do is charge one and a half times the user rate, and that extra half a per cent helps cover capital costs and repairs to the system that the increased volume will cause,” he says. “The 30 per tax rate to my knowledge has never been put in place anywhere in Huron County or anywhere else.”

Ginn says Central Huron will send a letter to North Huron outlining their concerns.