Avon Maitland School Climate Survey

The Avon Maitland District School Board released the results of its study on school climate at this week’s board meeting.

Superintendent Mike Ash explains it’s something school boards across the province have been required to do every second year since 2006.

Ash points out the difference in the most recent study is that this time it included comments from parents and staff. This survey also included students from Grade 4 to 12 rather than Grade 6 to 12.

Ash says because of the changes, this year’s comparisons to past years are difficult but they were able to identify some trends.

Ash notes cyber bullying continues to be a problem both in the schools and in society and it’s not going away.

In terms of new information the study highlighted some of the differences in perception between students and staff on particular issues and that has to be explored further.

Ash also points out the study is not particularly useful in comparing one school or one board against another. He says it can be effective in measuring the year to year progress of individual schools.