New Options For Flu Shots in Huron

The Huron County Health Unit is advising people to get their flu shots early.

Public Health Nurse Susan Hart says the flu typically arrives in October and can hang around until April or May and it takes about two weeks for the shot to provide protection.

Hart stresses the flu shot doesn’t provide total protection but it’s the best prevention available and it dramatically reduces the chances of someone getting the flu and spreading it to either very young or very old people who are particularly vulnerable.

Hart also advises the Health Unit is trying a few new options this year. They’ll be providing a family express line at their clinics to streamline the process and they’re also offering a drive-through clinic at the Health Unit on Saturday, October 26.

Hart adds they are asking people to book appointments for that. More information about all of their clinics can be found on the Huron County Health Unit web site.

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