Landscape Architecture Students Design Maitland River Plans

Maitland River Wingham

Students from the University of Guelph’s Landscape Architecture program are surveying the Maitland River in Wingham.

The 2nd year graduate students will be producing conceptual plans in their environmental design course. Professor Robert Corry says it focuses a great deal on ecology.

The students are focusing on the Maitland from the Howson dam, upstream to the ball diamonds. Professor Corry says the students will work on this project over the next five weeks, performing an ecological and cultural analysis of the site. They will explore all possible options and come up with various ideas to present to North Huron and the MVCA.

The Township and conservation authority will then decide if or how they want to implement any of those plans.

Phil Beard, General Manager of the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority says his interest is in the health of the river and reducing the risk of property damage and loss of life.

Resident Andy McBride was there voicing some concerns from the locals. He says the upper Howson dam pond is a very important part of the community.

McBride says residents that live along the river want to see the water level restored and enjoy looking at open water instead of a swampy mess.


Professor Corry showing students aerial photo of Maitland River

Professor Corry showing students aerial photo of Maitland River

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