Wellington North In Butter Tart Taste Off

Butter Tart Trail image

It was a sticky situation: two Southern Ontario regions jostling over butter tart tourism. A lawyer was even called in.

But the bitter rivalry between the Butter Tart Trail of Wellington North and the Kawarthas-Northumberland Butter Tart Tour has sweetened. They are now teaming up for a one-day tart-tasting event in Toronto on Thursday.

Wellington North Tourism and Marketing Manager April Marshall says the decided to turn the controversy into a positive situation.

The Kawarthas-Northumberland Butter Tart Tour started this year, had raised the ire of Wellington North, whose 30-kilometre tart trail was launched seven years ago.
Wellington North had a lawyer issue a cease and desist letter because they felt it infringed on their trademarked Butter Tart Trail.

So  Kawarthas Northumberland was added to the  name .

They will each showcase their buttery desserts at the Toronto event, which will also include tarts from the town of Midland and Tartistry, a west Toronto bakery playing host to the tasting. Midland is home to the Best Butter Tart Festival.

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