Consultant Presents Report On Huron County Buildings

A presentation by a team of consultants provided Huron County councillors with a number of options in a review of county buildings and how they’re being used.

Acting CAO Meighan Wark says the presentation is one aspect of the information councillors will need to make a decision on the county’s facilities going forward.

Wark believes two other components of information are required before they make that decision.  One requirement is the results of a study on the delivery of county services currently being conducted on behalf of the county’s Economic Development Board. The other is the impact future technology might have on what services the county has to deliver, and how they go about doing that.

Wark says a decision on the possible merger of the Huron and Perth health units will also influence the square footage needed in current health unit building.

The consultants’ report suggests that while all of the county’s facilities are in good shape, the layout of the buildings is less than ideal for providing the service they’re being asked to provide, and council has to find a way to address that issue. Options include doing nothing, constructing new buildings, or renovating existing buildings.

Wark adds there is no great urgency or timeline for a decision.