Huron County engineer Steve Lund at one of the new pedestrian crosswalks in Clinton (photo by Bob Montgomery)

New Pedestrian Crosswalks In Clinton

A new type of pedestrian crosswalk was unveiled Thursday in Clinton.

County Engineer Steve Lund explains the one at the intersection and Albert and Rattenbury streets is one of four in Clinton.

A pedestrian wishing to cross the road pushes a button and rapid, rectangular beacons start flashing to notify drivers that someone wants to cross the road.

Lund says they also installed a similar intersection pedestrian signal in Zurich recently and adds they have several different types of new crosswalks that can be used at different intersections throughout the county, depending on the need.

Lund explained, “We have rapid, rectangular flashing beacons and they are to help alert the motorist that there is a pedestrian waiting to cross the road, hopefully making the crossing a lot safer for both the motorist and the pedestrian.”