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Kincardine Hospital Redevelopment Moves To Approval Process

The South Bruce Grey Health Centre is taking a big step towards renovating the Kincardine hospital.

President and CEO Paul Rosebush says the $30-million proposal has been accepted by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and will now enter the five-stage approval process.

He says the province has provided the hospital with a $500,000 grant to help complete the first stage, which includes a detailed planning process and must be completed within one year.

Rosebush says if they can progress without any major issues, they are four years away from beginning work on the Kincardine hospital.

“If all the steps goes along in a very timely manner, without a lot of questions from the ministry, which means they would support what we’re trying to achieve there, then we should be able to, by 2021, actually do some major work on that hospital,” says Rosebush.

The proposal includes plans for expanded emergency room and laboratory areas, as well as improve the hospital’s aging infrastructure.

Kincardine residents have been down this road before, when a plan to build a new hospital was suddenly cancelled by the province in 2011, but Rosebush is confident this project will ultimately move ahead.

He believes the approval and cancellation of the original project were largely political decisions, but this time, the plans are moving ahead through the proper bureaucratic channels.

“We are actually in a true capital planning process now, outside of politics, and what that means we will get the opportunity to go through all five stages without political interference,” says Rosebush.