Volunteer actors at Huron County's Historic Gaol (file photo)

‘Behind The Bars’ Returns To Huron County Historic Gaol

The Huron County Museum is extending the summer run of the popular Behind The Bars exhibit.

Curator Sinead Cox says they are keeping the Historic Gaol open until Halloween, and the last performance of Behind The Bars will be held on the evening of October 27 — the Friday before Halloween.

Cox explains they provide research and background information to a team of volunteer actors who then assume the roles of the former prisoners and staff.  As they stroll through the gaol, they answer questions in character with the role they are playing.

Tickets are being sold in advance on the Eventbrite web site or at the Huron County Historic Gaol during regular hours. A complete list of fall programing can also be found on the Historic Gaol website.

Cox adds, “It’s interactive, so rather than going to see a play where they say the same thing every night, these people, in character, will answer questions and have a conversation with you about their lives in jail.”