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Grey County Seniors Lose Thousands To Credit Card Scam

Two Grey County seniors have fallen victim to a credit card scam.

According to an OPP report, a Georgian Bluffs resident received a phone call September 14 from an unknown individual advising her that her credit card had been compromised by a VISA employee. She was asked to assist in an internal investigation by sending moneygram transfers.

During the course of a week, the victim sent over $8,000 in money grams and $13,000 worth of iTunes gift cards to India.

Another resident in the Municipality of Meaford fell victim to the same scam, sending nearly $5,000 in money grams and gift card transfers overseas.

The OPP are urging residents not to disclose any personal and-or financial information to anyone you don’t know or trust, over the phone, via the internet, in the mail, or in person.