Bluewater Leaving Vibrancy Fund Distribution As Is

Bluewater councillors have decided to leave the distribution of the Vibrancy Fund they receive from Northern Wind Inc. unchanged for this year.

Mayor Tyler Hessel explains a policy for assigning the fund for hosting wind turbines in the municipality was created a year ago and stated that 10% to go to community groups, 60% to go towards our capital projects or infrastructure and then 30% that would go into future sustainability.

Hessel adds the future sustainability is a long-term investment that will pay back interest over the long term that will provide money for capital projects.

Hessel adds they’ll continue with the current policy because it was felt there was no need to change the allocation at this time but says it will likely be reviewed annually. The approval of the current policy will have to go to the regular Bluewater council meeting in two weeks for final approval.