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Huron Provincial Offences Revenue Down 25% This Year

There’s no hard evidence to indicate Huron County motorists have become better drivers.

But there is evidence they’re not getting caught as often.

County Treasurer Michael Blumhagen recently told councillors revenue from Provincial Offences in the form of traffic tickets, is down about 25% this year. Blumhagen says Provincial Offences is the only county department that is a net revenue generator, and they rely on those revenues to reduce the overall tax burden on municipalities.

Blumhagen adds the county has had a number of programs downloaded from the province that have cost the county a considerable amount of money. Provincial Offences was downloaded at the same time to help mitigate those additional costs.

“This year we’ve seen a decline in overall ticket volume coming in so I think we’re approximately 25% less this year. Unfortunately we do rely, here at the county, on our Provincial Offences revenue to help reduce the overall tax burden on our municipalities,” he says. “It is a function of our budget, it’s the only department really that is a net revenue generator and we do rely on that to help mitigate our tax pressures elsewhere within the budget. We’ve had a number of downloaded programs that have cost the county a significant amount of money.”