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North Perth Receives Funding For Wastewater Management Upgrades

North Perth has secured provincial funding to assist its wastewater upgrades.

The Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Ontario is contributing just under $640,000 toward the project.

Manager of Environmental Services Mark Hackett says the funding is for a key area of the upgrades.

“One of the projects we’re initiating is the replacement of our aerobic digester for bio-solids, so that’s what it’s going towards,” he says.

The total cost of the upgrades to the bio-solids aerobic digester is $4,779,000, with full facility upgrades costing nearly $13,000,000.

Hackett says it’s great to get help on costly projects to benefit the community.

“Definitely we’re always happy to have opportunities to receive funding,” says Hackett. “We did put a good effort together to make sure we were able to get it, and we’re very happy we’ve received it.”

The aerobic digester takes the sludge from the treatment process and treats it with oxygen for up to 30 days, so that it can then be stored and used on farmers’ fields as a type of fertilizer.