New Members Needed For Wiarton BIA Board

South Bruce Peninsula council has decided to keep the Wiarton Business Improvement Area in place.

Council was given the job of deciding the fate of the BIA, which has struggled with quorum numbers due to the resignation of three board members and has not held a meeting since June 8.

Councillor Matt Jackson says rather than begin the process of dissolving the BIA, they will advertise to seek new members to sit on the board of management. He says attrition is normal and it’s an opportunity to breathe new life into the BIA.

“There’s been a number of long-serving BIA members who have given a lot to the organization and what goes up must come down, and it was time for some new faces at the table,” says Jackson. “There were a number of resignations, but I think with that comes the opportunity for new business owners and new tenants on the main street to get involved.”

Deputy Mayor Jay Kirkland says the BIA brings business owners together for a common cause, so he hopes there’s interest from the business community.

“I hope that the membership gets renewed and that people come forward with interest, [the BIA] helps everybody think of everybody else’s interest instead of just their own,” says Kirkland. “It helps to beautify the downtown of Wiarton, so let’s hope it can keep going.”