Jessica’s House In Exeter Hopes To Be Self-Supporting

Representatives from Jessica’s House in Exeter recently brought Huron County councillors up to date on their progress. But they made a point of not asking the county for any money.

Executive Director Kimberley Payne says their intention is to be a self-supporting organization without any tax dollars from Huron County.

She adds what they want is support and recognition that Jessica’s House is part of the hospice model that is being developed in Huron County, and they want the county involved in any discussions around that model.

Payne says they hope over the long-term the LHIN will recognize the need for the number of hospice beds that will be in Huron County by the end of 2018 and will fund all of those beds.

But she stresses that it is not the intention of Jessica’s House to compete with the Huron Residential Hospice.

“Our long-term goal is that we would be considered part of the entire service model, so the goal would be that the LHIN would recognize the need for the number of beds that would be in place at the end of 2018 and that will fund that model in its entirety,” says¬†Payne.