Huron County Agrees To Join SWIFT Internet Program

Huron County council agreed on Wednesday to be part of the SWIFT project to bring broadband internet service to all of Southwestern Ontario.

There was a general agreement that the SWIFT project is not going to bring the last mile service that Huron County needs, but will build a super network throughout the region and it was important the county be part of that network.

The vote was 8-to-6 in favour of joining.    Councillors pointed out they’re still counting on the local internet provider to deliver the last mile service to the more remote homes.

The local providers had indicated they weren’t interested in working with SWIFT, but councillors were hoping they would change their mind.

“Swift is essentially the super highway for broadband and then the local providers provide what we call the last mile — the door to door service,” said Warden Jim Ginn.   “So I think we need to work with both parties to ensure that we do get fibre to each home.”

Ginn also pointed to the reluctance of other counties such as Middlesex and Perth to join the project, which should send a strong message that some changes will have to be made.