Mayor Concerned About Possible Loss Of LTC Beds In Stratford

A second public meeting is set for next month regarding the potential move of 60 long-term care beds from Stratford to London.

The beds at Hillside Manor could soon be taken out of Perth County, and North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns says it could affect many communities that count on those beds, particularly those in the beds and their families.

“I think it’s vitally important for the health of the people in those long-term care beds for the families to be able to visit easily and drop in within 15 minutes rather than making it a planned event because it’s an hour-and-a-half away,” she says.

Behrns is urging community members to attend the public meeting in October and voice their concerns to the province.

“We have had the opportunity to discuss why it’s so important to us and we’ve sent letters, but I think it’s important that once again members of the general public come out and attend, and make their concerns known, because I believe the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is seeking information,” she says.

Behrns also notes it’s already hard enough to find a bed for a loved one without losing more beds to urban areas.

“We do believe there’s something wrong with the way they index the number of beds required.  There certainly isn’t enough,” he says. “Any family who’s been looking for long-term care for one of their loved ones knows that there simply aren’t enough options.”

The next public meeting is set for October 4 at Sebringville Community Centre at 6pm.