Artist's rendering of proposed Southampton Town Hall and library project.

Design Proposal Presented For Southampton Town Hall And Library

A proposal to rebuild the public library in Southampton has come in with a multi-million dollar price tag.

Saugeen Shores council had its first look at the $11.4-million proposal, which suggests building a new library at its existing High St. location, as well as a three-storey atrium to connect it to the historic Southampton Town Hall.

Councillor Mike Myatt admits it’s tough to get past the cost.

“The [town hall] committee has done a great job, they’ve done great work, just $11.4-[million] is a big number,” says Myatt. “So I certainly will have a lot more questions down the line when we get a little more serious about what we’re doing over there.”

Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau agrees, suggesting there’s little chance council will entertain the project without government and corporate grants.

“It’s one of those things the town is not going to be able to fund on its own, we’re going to need partners, we’re going to need help to pay for that,” says Charbonneau. “It’s not a question of whether we want to or not, it’s literally we can’t afford it all by ourselves.”

Council took no action on the proposal and will have municipal staff report back on recommendations for moving the project forward.