Schoolchildren and teacher at school in a cooking class (Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / monkeybusiness)

Ontario Children In Full-Day Kindergarten Significantly Ahead, According To Study

A new Ontario study into full-day kindergarten has found the benefits of the program are substantial, at least until the end of Grade 2.

Professor Janette Pelletier was the lead researcher on a study that continues to track almost 600 children, and found that full-day kindergarten learners are “significantly ahead” of their counterparts. These children showed significant advancements in self-regulation, which includes the ability to focus, follow instructions and social interactions with other students.

Ontario introduced universal full-day kindergarten in 2010 for 4 and 5-year olds. Meanwhile, New Brunswick & British Columbia offer full-day kindergarten to 5-year-olds, while Alberta & Manitoba are against funding this program.

Ontario’s Liberal government has capped kindergarten classrooms at 30 students this coming fall.