Workers prepare to launch satellites that will reach heights of 100,000 feet

Royal Military College Launching Satellites At Wingham Airport

The Royal Military College has assembled a small group of university students in Wingham to launch some satellites into the atmosphere.

Major Richard Van Der Pryt is in charge of the mission, and says he prefers Wingham and the surrounding area for this type of mission, as farmer’s fields are much easier to find landed satellites compared to Kingston’s forests and lakes.

The mission will see two satellites rise to around 100,000 ft above the ground, gathering information on the ozone layer as it soars through it, until they reach levels close to the top of the layer, or, “in space.”

Van Der Pryt says two satellites will be launched, and he plans to collect them after they land somewhere near Flesherton.

The launches are possible through a federal grant geared towards generating highly-qualified workers in the field of Satellite construction and data gathering via highly-sophisticated measures.

Van Der Pryt previously worked on RMC’s Satellite payload that was launched with the University of Toronto’s CAN-X 7 Satellite, which was used to measure ADSB Signals. Wingham was the site of some precursor work on this mission, including trialing a prototype version of the receiver used several years ago. That receiver eventually ended up in space, according to Van Der Pryt.

To track today’s launch:
-Go to
-Insert VE3RMC-11, as well as VE3RMC-12 into the “Track callsign” search on the right-hand side