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New Standards Released For Concussion Care In Ontario

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has released new standards regarding concussion treatment and how care is provided in Ontario for head injuries.

Corinne Kagan, the senior program director, says that they felt care for concussions was being provided very differently across the province, which prompted the new standards.

“I guess there was frustration that things aren’t as straight forward and streamlined as they could be, and we wanted to work towards improving on that, and the quality of care and outcome for people living with concussions,” says Kagan.

Kagan says that everyone in Ontario will now be assessed and cared for in the same manner when dealing with concussions, and the standards will help healthcare providers ensure that.  She also notes a key part of the new standards is that assessment is crucial.

“I think one of the standards that’s important, it’s our first one, is that people who sustain a concussion get assessed, and assessed quickly,” says Kagan. “We realize not everyone is going to see an emergency physician, but certainly people should be assessed and aware of their symptoms.”

Kagan says that it’s important to understand the symptoms of a concussion and find a recovery process that fits the needs of the patient, as everyone will be different. The new standards and other key information can be found at www.concussionsontario.org.