Huron-Perth Catholic School Board Unsure Of Discrimination Case Impact

The┬ásuperintendent of education for the Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board says he’s not sure how much, or if, a situation in the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board will impact the Huron-Perth board.

The Sincoe Muskoka board is amending some of its policies after a former student claimed she was discriminated against for seeking an exemption from religious classes.

Superintendent Gary O’Donnell says he doesn’t have all of the information at this point but adds the Huron-Perth Board does have a policy in place that he believes addresses the situation.

O’Donnell explains in the Huron-Perth board, any family wishing an exemption submits a written request to the director of education who accepts that an passes it on to the school principal who works with the family on a plan going forward.