Perth4Youth Survey Findings Presented To West Perth Council

Students from Mitchell District High School presented findings from their recent Perth4Youth survey to West Perth Council last week.

Raymond Gettler says that the survey found that more students are staying at MDHS.

“We found that more people were interested in staying in Mitchell, instead of going to school’s like St. Mike’s. Which is a good sign that kids want to stay at our school.”

Raymond, alongside his cousin Connor, say that further improvement could be made for students in areas like mandatory class sizes shrinking, so more specialty classes like tech or computers could be taught at MDHS. Connor says there were a few reasons why students were choosing to stay more often than go to somewhere like Stratford.

“They like being around their friends, so if their friends stay then they want to, as well. Also, it’s easier to make sports teams, and that makes students want to be a part of the school.”

The survey also found that a lot of students would like to potentially come back to West Perth after post-secondary, but many of them don’t feel there are enough jobs available in the area in certain industries.