CRA Scam Attempted On Owen Sound Police Chief

It seems no one is immune from the CRA scam.

Owen Sound Police Chief Bill Sornberger received a call this week from someone claiming to be a police officer working on a Canada Revenue Agency file, with his name on it.

The individual left a voicemail message informing the chief that if he did not call them back immediately, they would come and arrest him.  The chief did not return the call.

The Owen Sound Police Service is reminding all local residents that if you receive a message from someone saying that they are the police or another type of government official, and they threaten you with immediate arrest for not paying your taxes, or if they request immediate payment – simply hang up the phone.

Never make a payment to the CRA with a credit card over the phone regardless of how pressured they make you feel.

Never give your credit information to someone who contacts you with a request like this.  If you have any doubt, always hang up and contact the particular government agency directly.