North Perth Rec Complex Construction Right On Schedule

With a fairly mild winter, construction on the new North Perth Recreational Complex hasn’t had any major interruptions.

North Perth CAO Kris Snell was asked if the fair weather has contributed to perhaps being ahead of schedule.

“I wouldn’t say we’re ahead of schedule, but we’re still on schedule with the construction project, and we hope to be operational next fall,” says Snell.

Snell says having a team like the Cyclones in Listowel will help generate plenty of initial traffic in the new facility.

“It’s pretty exciting with how well the Cyclones are doing this year, and it is a great transition to go into our new building,” says Snell. “We look forward to them having another successful year next year when we’re in the new building. But it certainly is a great thing to have such a great team to support a new building.”

Snell says it was a plan for the municipality to place the new public school and childcare centre right next to the new rec complex. He says they wanted to create an “on-campus” feel similar to that of a college or university set up.