Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance Recognized For Donor Work

The Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance has been recognized for its work on organ donation.

CEO Andrew Williams says hospitals throughout the province are asked to notify the Trillium Gift of Life Network whenever they have a potential organ or tissue donor. Williams says the Alliance hospitals were among a small group of Ontario hospitals to have 100% compliance with that agreement in the latest reporting period.

Williams points out it’s a very difficult conversation to have with patients and family members, but given the impact it can have on the quality of life for a recipient it’s a conversation well worth having. Williams adds the number of organ donors seems to be increasing very slowly, but again points to the difficulty of discussing the possibility of donating an organ and something many people would prefer not to consider. Williams says April is Donor Awareness Month and they’ll be involved in raising awareness at that time.

Williams explains under the Trillium program, the hospital agrees to identify potential donors, but he points out all of those potential donors don’t necessary become donors. Once the hospitals notify them Trillium takes over.