Accommodation Review Open House Moved From Markdale To Flesherton

There’s been a change in the location of the final public open house that’s part of the Bluewater District School Board’s Accommodation Review process.

The location has been changed from Beavercrest Community School in Markdale to Grey Highlands Secondary School in Flesherton, to accommodate the large number of people that are expected.

The open house is scheduled for January 16, and it runs from 7pm-9pm.

Transportation to GHSS in Flesherton is being arranged and anyone wanting a ride should meet at Beavercrest School in Markdale at 6pm Monday evening.

The accommodation review includes Beavercrest Community School, Holland-Chatsworth Central School, Macphail Memorial Elementary School and Spruce Ridge Community School.

The initial staff report recommended closing Beavercrest School in Markdale as of June 2017.

Several options to keep Beavercrest Community School open have been presented to the school board and these options will be discussed at the open house.