Goderich Township De-amalgamation Effort Still Proceeding

The Huron-Perth Landowners Association is still proceeding with the de-amalgamation of Goderich Township from Central Huron.

Association past-president Cindy Moyer explains Ottawa-area M-P-P Jack MacLaren presented their petition of right to Ontario’s Attorney-General last November. The petition of right is a piece of English legislation that is more than 400 years old and is still binding under Canadian law.

Moyer says the Attorney-General is required by law to pass the petition on to the Lieutenant-General who must then give Goderich Township residents the right to de-amalgamate.

Moyer says they were told by the Attorney-General they would have to take their case to the courts but she says their position is it is not a matter for the courts; it’s a plea to the Crown to acknowledge the right to self-government or to determine their governance.

Moyer says they will now take their case directly to the Lieutenant-General.

Moyer also points out the amalgamation that took place in 2001 was forced on municipalities and done without any public input, and they’re simply asking to have that corrected.