A broken hydro pole hangs over a roadway, April 15, 2018. Photo from Hydro One via Twitter.

London Hydro Sends Crews To Aylmer

London Hydro crews are helping to get the power back on for thousands of people outside of the city who have been left without electricity since this weekend’s ice storm.

The utility sent four service crews, including eight linemen and four single bucket trucks, to Aylmer and Beachville Tuesday afternoon after getting a call for assistance hours earlier.

The rare mid-April ice storm that brought a mixed bag of torrential rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, and strong winds to the region snapped roughly 40 to 50 hydro poles in the areas east and southeast of London.

“We are pleased to be able to provide assistance to customers in this area and are fortunate that our industry is always willing to help each other with these types of situations,” said Vinay Sharma, CEO of London Hydro. “During storms, it is impossible to predict where the damage may occur and our concern is always to restore the power to customers safely and as quickly as possible.”

The London Hydro crews will remain on loan to Hydro One until their assistance is no longer required.