Special Investigations Unit

London Teen Killed in Hamilton Crash

A London teen is one of two people killed in a crash in Hamilton Thursday.

Police have identified the victims as Taryn Hewitt, 16, of London and 15-year-old Nathan Wehrle of Cambridge. The names have been released following consent of their families.

The incident began early Thursday morning when a Waterloo Regional Police officer attempted to stop a vehicle carrying the pair. It was believed that the car had been involved in an earlier incident.

The officer tried to pull over the vehicle on King St E in Cambridge but it failed to stop.

The vehicle traveled eastbound on Hwy 401 then went south on Hwy 6 before striking a tractor trailer on Hwy 6 near Campbellville Rd.

The teens were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Special Investigations Unit was called in to investigate, as is procedure when law enforcement is involved in a death or serious injury.

The SIU is asking anyone with a video recording of any part of the incident to upload it on the SIU’s official website.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the SIU special investigator at 1-800-787-8529.