(Photo courtesy of the St. Thomas Police Service)

Man Assaults and Sprays Victim With Aerosol Can

St. Thomas police are looking for a suspect after a man was assaulted with what may have been pepper spray.

On Friday, police say a man went to a home near Fifth Ave. and Wellington St. in St. Thomas to hang out with a group of friends.

At around 6pm, police say the victim got into an argument with another man that quickly turned physical. During the fight, the victim was allegedly pushed backwards and then sprayed with an aerosol container. Police say the spray had a similar effect to pepper spray, causing a burning sensation to his skin and eyes.

Police say the victim ran to a nearby home where 911 was called.

The victim was taken to the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital where he was treated and released with no permanent damage.

The St. Thomas police have identified the man they believe was responsible for the assault and are seeking a warrant for his arrest.