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Bad Driving Habits Targeted

Whether you’re staying in London or venturing out of town for the Thanksgiving long weekend, police will be watching to make sure motorists are keeping safety top of mind.

Officers across the country, including London police and the OPP, will be patrolling roads and taking a zero tolerance approach to impaired driving, improper seat belt use, and all aspects related to aggressive and distracted driving from Friday through holiday Monday.

“The deaths, pain, and broken hearts that result from carelessness behind the wheel can be prevented,” said London police Sergeant Sean Harding. “Police agencies across the country are collaborating on this project because they have seen more than enough of that, and because they know that the involvement of the driving public is essential to achieve safer streets and highways.”

The aim of the national campaign called “Operation Impact” is to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world. The Thanksgiving weekend was selected for the initiative because more people will be traveling to see family and friends, resulting in an increase in collisions.

Over the last five years in London, there have been 51 deaths and hundreds of serious injuries due to crashes on city streets.

“These are just numbers but they represent moms, dads, sisters, brothers, loved ones, co-workers, neighbours. It is unacceptable to the London Police Service,” police said in a release.

It is hoped the traffic campaign will help reduce impaired driving, increase seat belt use, and curb aggressive and distracted driving.