Two women sitting on the beach. Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Razvanjp.

High Bacteria Levels At Port Stanley Little Beach

People thinking about hitting the beach for a dip this weekend may want to avoid the water at Port Stanley Little Beach.

Signs were posted on the beach Friday warning people not to swim in the water after weekly testing by the Municipality of Central Elgin found higher than acceptable levels of bacteria.

If ingested, the bacteria filled water could cause gastrointestinal illness, according to Elgin St. Thomas Public Health. Symptoms include abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea. These bacteria may also cause infections of the eye, ear, nose, and/or throat when people swim in the water.

The signs warning swimmers to stay out of the water will remain in place until test results indicate that the water quality meets the bathing beach water standard.

The health unit notes rough water or heavy rains are often the cause of the high levels of bacteria.

The warning at Little Beach comes two days after Port Stanley Main Beach was cleared for normal swimming activity. A similar warning was issued for the main beach due to bacteria last Friday.

Water quality testing is conducted weekly by public health officials at various beaches across the region throughout the summer months.