File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / majeczka

Siemens Plant In Tillsonburg Closing?

There are fears the jobs of 300 people could be lost if the Siemens plant in Tillsonburg shuts down.

Workers were told Monday that they are to attend a meeting at the Tillsonburg Community Centre on Tuesday, where company officials are expected to address the plant’s future.

In the meantime, work at the plant that makes wind turbine blades has ceased for the time being.

“The employees received notification of an all employee meeting that will be taking place tomorrow morning,” said Andrew Luther, communications and government affairs with Siemens Wind Power Limited, in an email to “All employees were given a paid day off in order to allow the night and afternoon shifts to adjust their schedules to attend the meeting.”

In April of 2016, a deal was announced to have the plant produce turbine blades for overseas export. Two years earlier, Siemens landed a contract to provide blades for a wind project near Goderich.

But with the Ontario government pumping the brakes on new green energy projects, there are concerns that the Tillsonburg plant may have a bleak future.