A funnel cloud was photographed just north of Lucan, July 12, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Instant Weather/Devon Copp)

Environment Canada Confirms Lucan Tornado

Following an investigation, Environment Canada has confirmed that a tornado touched down near Lucan on Wednesday.

According to the weather agency, the tornado formed at around 7pm north of Lucan, and reportedly uprooted some trees and overturned some trailers. The length of the damage path was 5 km and the maximum width was 170 metres.

Engineers from Western University in London conducted a survey of that damage caused by the twister and determined that it was an Enhanced Fujita Scale 0 (EF0) tornado with peak winds of 130 km/h.

Environment Canada officials are also investigating another possible tornado that occurred on Wednesday in the Drumbo area.  A funnel cloud was seen at around 8:20pm, and is believed to be part of same storm cell that spawned the Lucan tornado.

However, there is currently no evidence that a second tornado has touched down.

Anyone with photos of funnel clouds or reports of notable storm damage in these areas is encouraged to email Environment Canada at ec.cpio-tempetes-ospc-storms.ec@canada.ca.