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Warm Weekend Weather Could Smash Records

Londoners will be getting a taste of spring this long weekend with temperatures reaching into the double-digits.

Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures to climb above seasonal, hitting 10 C and 11 C on Saturday and Sunday. A daytime high of 9 C is expected on Family Day Monday.

The normal high for this time of year is around -1 C.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson said London could be in line to break a nearly 70-year-old weather record, among others this weekend.

“Saturday’s record is the one that is most at risk. We are forecasting that high of 11 C and the current record for that date in history is 11.1 C, set back in 1949,” said Coulson. “On Sunday, getting close to the record with the forecast high 10 C. The record for February 19 currently at the London airport is 10.7C set back in 1984. As we get into holiday Monday that record looks pretty safe at this point. We are forecasting a high of 9 C and the current record is 11.7 C set back in 1953.”

The unseasonably warm weather is expected to continue through next week.

“We don’t necessary see a stretch of mild days like this for as long as this all that often,” Coulson said. “It’s definitely a stretch I think a lot of people who aren’t fans of winter are going to enjoy.”

But for those who prefer the colder weather, Coulson reassures winter isn’t done with southwestern Ontario yet.

“Some models are indicating a bit of a cool down, a return to more seasonal temperatures to finish off the month of February,” said Coulson. “So for those last couple of days of the month back to more seasonal temperatures and expect it to stay that way at least for the first week of March.”