London police cruiser file photo. (Photo by Miranda Chant, Blackburn News.)

Police Launch Online Reporting Service

Londoners in need of police assistance for non-emergencies have a new way to connect with officers.

On Monday, London police unveiled a new digital service that allows citizens to communicate directly with an officer through a live online chat on the police website. Known as “LPS Chat”, the feature can be used to report minor collisions, traffic complaints, child custody concerns, noise complaints, vandalism, and thefts from vehicles.

The tool is expected to make reporting crimes easier, especially for those who are deaf or have a speech impairment. Police say it is part of a continuing effort to make the department more accessible and inclusive to everyone in the community.

The Canadian Hearing Society has already thrown its support behind the new initiative.

LPS Chat is available on desktops, tablets and smartphones by going to the London police website at and clicking “LPS Chat” at the top of the page.