Photo courtesy of the London Health Sciences Centre.

Purple Hats Serve As Reminder

The Children’s Hospital is looking to collect knit or crochet purple caps for newborns to remind parents to be patient as their baby cries.

The colour of the cap represents the Period of PURPLE Crying, described as a prolonged period of inconsolable crying.

The hats serve as a reminder to never shake a baby, no matter how long they have been crying for.

Since 2011, over 23,000 handmade caps have been donated to the London Health Science’s Centre.

The campaign is organized by the National Centre on Shaken Baby Syndrome , hospitals, public health units and child abuse prevention groups across the country.

The Period of PURPLE Crying serves as a tool for parents to understand their baby’s tears.

Peaks of crying – the baby might cry more and more each week, peaking and two months then lessen between three-five months.
Unexpected – the crying can start and stop without explanation
Resist soothing – the baby may not stop crying regardless of what you try
Pain-like face- it might look like the baby is in pain, even if they are not
Long lasting – the baby could cry for 5 hours per day or more
Evening – the baby is likely to cry more in the late afternoon or evening

You can drop off any hats at the London Health Sciences Centre on Commissioner Rd. E.

They should be made of soft purple yarn, free of strings, pom-poms, straps, buttons or any choking hazards.