Charges in Cyber-Crime Investigation

Computer Keyboard and Mouse

A man and a woman in their 20’s are facing charges involving child pornography, drug offences and weapons possession after a raid on a Westminster Avenue home. 

London Police say they executed a search warrant on Wednesday as part of a child porn investigation that began in June.  They’ve charged 22-year-old Jillian Fischer with:

*possession of child pornography

*4 counts of telecommunication with a person under 18 for a criminal purpose

*make available sexually explicit material to a person under 18

*3 counts of possession of banned substances.

Police say they seized small amounts of Oxycodone and marijuana.

Also charged is 20-year-old Jonathan Fischer with:

*three counts of possession of banned weapons (brass knuckles, brass-knuckle weighted gloves, a centrifugal knife)

*drug possession

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