Petition Supports Baechler for Mayor

councilor Joni Baechler

An online petition is gathering names to try to convince councilor Joni Baechler to run for Mayor of London in the 2013 municipal election. 

Organizers admit the 13-year councilor doesn’t want the top job but they hope she’ll change her mind if enough people say they’s support the idea.

They say Baechler “has demonstrated many years of ethical conduct that remains transparent and untainted by scandal and secretive deals.”

The petition’s text also cites her “many years of ethical conduct” as a reason why she should run.

You can read the petition HERE.

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  1. Sully

    July 10, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I lived in London back in the 80’s. Basically stayed after leaving the military, my last posting was C.F.B. London and it was the hometown of my lady Love. I liked Mayor Gleeson, but Mayor Tom Gosnell was a great Mayor. It must have been in his blood as his father James Frederick, was also mayor in 1972, but stepped down due to health reasons. I spoke with Mayor Tom on occasion, I lived a few blocks away and met him on his walks with his wife and dogs. Nice fellow.
    The city of London has been in a slow decline since the fumbling fingers of Mayor DeCicco-Best, and the only mistake (in my opinion) Mayor Tom Gosnell made as mayor in hiring Julian Fantino to be London’s top cop. His warped vision of how to run the city police was (in my opinion) frightening, and biased. Just look back at his “Project Guardian” it blatantly targeted Gays in London under the blanket of stopping “Child Porn” all kinds of civil liberties were trampled, but surprisingly NO child porn was found, or any charges laid. It reminds one of the “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” never found in Iraq. But it clearly shows that type of person will lie, and try to use fear to justify immoral, unjust, and illegal actions. Those who think they can wrap shyte in a red ribbon and pass it off as fudge, clearly misjudge my (and hopefully your) ability to see things as they truly are. As for ex mayor DeCicco-Best how she managed to bamboozle the people of London to give her a second term will elude me till my last day. I moved out of London in 1989 so I don’t feel the pain first hand anymore. However, I feel for my friends still living in the city. I was surprised by the actions of the current mayor, I always thought Mr. Fontana was an honest person. I’m a bit disgusted, in general over the quality of political ethics in all levels of our governmental system currently. It seems that everyday there is another scandal in the news.
    So…..if London can find someone they trust to be the kind of Mayor they need, then London, get Joni Baechler ELECTED!!
    I really do try not to be jaded, but in Canada I believe the biggest problem in politics today on all levels, is that most of them are lawyers. Lawyers are bright people, and so are our elected people. You need to be smart to do the things they do, but over all they tend to squabble over the letter of the law, and rarely the meaning or spirit. Just watch the Provincial legislature channel for a few mins. They argue over the smallest, childish issues. I think we need to start putting less emphasis on the letter of the law and more on the spirit. Just my view from the peanut gallery

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