Jubilee Medal Celebration Tonight

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration goes tonight at the London Hilton and all nominees, nearly 300 of them, are invited to the party. 

The names of recipients won’t likely be made public until next week.

All of council was nominated but some are turning the honour down. And councillor Denise Brown admits nominating her teenage son was “a mistake”.  Brown’s 18-year-old son was not accepted for the honour.

The process has been fraught with controversy.

The London Free Press reported last week that Mayor Joe Fontana had nominated all 14 city councillors after council was asked to submit a list of deserving nominees from London.

That list was over 300 names long and there are only about 130 medals available for London recipients.

One of those who will get the medal is former city councillor George Avola who was convicted in 1997 of municipal corruption for offering to pay other city councillors to vote on a planning motion.

According to the Free Press Avola was also nominated by the mayor.

*with files from Avery Moore

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