Police Briefs – Wednesday April 19, 2017

Chatham-Kent police officers’ use of force has stayed relatively the same over the last three years.

That information was disclosed at a recent Police Services Board meeting in Chatham.

The report indicates that firearms were drawn 42 times in 2016.

Once, a gun was fired to protect an officer from a dog.

Fourteen times firearms were discharged to destroy rabid animals or animals hit by a vehicle.

The other times they were drawn during an arrest, but not fired.

Officers used tasers six times last year.

Pepper spray was used seven times in 2016.

Fatal and serious crashes involving drivers who weren’t wearing their seat belts properly¬†are up in Chatham-Kent.

Municipal officers recently conducted a three-day blitz and issued 37 tickets for seat belt infractions.

Chief Gary Conn says three local deaths could have been prevented over the last year if the victims had been buckled in properly.

In each case, police say the driver was either ejected or partially ejected from the vehicle and died as a result.