Police Briefs – Friday March 17, 2017

A Chatham man has been charged with breach of probation and weapons offences.

Police say a 38 year old man was refused accommodations at a rooming house on Wednesday and upon leaving the manager saw the man allegedly carrying a baseball bat and a large butcher’s knife and called police.

The man was located a short distance away and was found to have a large knife concealed in his waist band.

Police say the man has two separate weapons prohibitions for violent offences and was arrested.

Police say tax fraud is on the rise.

Authorities say criminals will be ramping up their efforts this tax season to impersonate the Canada Revenue Agency and extort money from people.

They say the scam often starts with a call from a person claiming to be with the CRA.

Investigators say the person will tell you that you must pay them or go to jail and the fraud often requires the victim to purchase large amounts of pre-paid credit cards and forward the codes to the fake CRA agent.

This allows them to transfer all funds from your cards to other sources.