A Chatham girl is making a difference at CKHA after going through some adversity herself. (Photo courtesy of Foundation of CKHA)

Little Chatham Superstar Makes Awesome Donation

A Chatham girl is making a difference at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance after going through some adversity herself.

On her eighth birthday, Lexi Ramsden collected gifts for other children who also might be scared of surgery, needles or overnight stays so that they too could be have a great experience like she did.

Lexi says she knows how it feels to be scared in the hospital and didn’t want the other children to go through it.

“I felt bad when I broke my arm and got a lot of needles. I got surgery and I felt really bad for them because they have to stay over and get a lot of needles, and they might be scared and they might have surgery everyday,” says Lexi.

Lexi broke her arm earlier this year and had to have surgery for the first time, but her fears were calmed down when Dr. John Turnbull put her at ease and the nurses showered her with stickers and stuffed animals.

Lexi’s mother, Sandra Ramsden, credits CKHA staff with her daughter’s exceptional hospital experience.

Lexi says the other children loved the toys when she dropped them off at the hospital.

“They were really excited to play with them and having more toys to play with, instead of being scared and they might forget about surgery,” Lexi says.

Lexi hopes the presents help the other children and has some solid advice for them.

“Don’t think of surgery, be brave and stay positive,” says the 8-year-old.