(Photo courtesy of Alberta Transportation)

2018 To Bring Cable Barriers To 401

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation says a high tension cable barrier will be installed through Chatham-Kent next year.

MTO spokesperson Liane Fisher Bloxam says the barrier “will be installed on a 50 km section of Hwy. 401 from the end of the six-lane section in Tilbury to Victoria Rd.”

She adds “the next section to receive high tension cable barriers will be Elgin County, from Currie Rd., east to Colonel Talbot Rd., followed by the remaining section of Hwy. 401 in between.”

Bloxam says high tension cable barriers are designed and crash tested to redirect or contain errant vehicles from crossing medians.

“These barriers should significantly reduce the potential for median crossovers and they are already used in several jurisdictions, including Michigan and Alberta,” says Bloxam.

Based on research, high tension cable median barriers can be implemented sooner than concrete ones and are less expensive.

Rondeau’s Alysson¬†Storey is pushing for a cement barrier on the stretch of road commonly called “Carnage Alley.”

“We would consider the cable barriers as a short term measure until the concrete barriers can be built.¬† We’re not going to be satisfied with the cable barriers as a permanent solution,” says Storey.