File photo of photo radar cameras courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / InfinityPhoto.

Can Photo Radar Solve Speeding Woes In CK?

The mayor of Chatham-Kent is renewing a call for photo radar.

Randy Hope believes it may be the answer to stop an increase in speeding on local roads like Charring Cross Rd., Kent Bridge Rd. and the intersection of Murray St. and Reaume Ave. in Wallaceburg.

Hope feels that if you hit drivers in the wallet, they’ll pay more attention to speed limits and pedestrians.

“There’s an easier solution where people actually pay attention to the rules of the road so our police officers are fighting crime and not speeders, and our children know that when they go to school, they’re safe,” says the mayor.

Police Chief Gary Conn says he’ll review and research the matter, but adds it may not work on most of the problem roads because they’re not intersections where cameras can be mounted.

Hope says having officers sitting and waiting for speeders at certain locations is a waste of taxpayers’ money and police resources.

“People can talk about this and we can spend more time moving signs around but it still doesn’t deter it. So, what’s your other avenue? Police presence. However, I can get more results from using a camera than I can from having officers deployed to those specific areas,” Hope says.

Hope strongly believes that photo radar can work to prevent speeding and keep the public safer.

“Photo radar is not a bad thing unless you’re breaking the speed limit. So, when people say what’s our combat. Just because we change a sign doesn’t mean that people will change. Where it hurts the most is in the pockets,” says Hope.