Chatham-Kent Ward 1 Councillor Bryon Fluker (Photo taken by Jake Kislinsky).

Proposed Speed Limit Change On Section Of Hwy. 3

A Chatham-Kent councillor hopes a new motion will help slow down traffic on a section of Hwy. 3 just east of Port Alma.

In a motion that will be presented to council Monday night, Bryon Fluker proposes that the 60 km/hr zone on Hwy. 3 in Port Alma be extended from the eastern boundary of the community to Askew Rd.

Fluker says he’s heard many complaints over the past year from residents living in the area, which currently has a speed limit of 80 km/hr. He points out that the main issue is that many cars don’t follow this speed limit and go an upwards of 100 km/hr.

“Our traffic unit has been down in the Port Alma area three or four times and have certainly given out many tickets, so after listening to these folks for a great length of time I thought okay let’s give it a try and bring it to council,” explains Fluker.

Fluker says it doesn’t make sense that other roads have reduced speed limits, but this populated area doesn’t.

“When you drive to the eastern end of Indian Creek Rd. it’s a 60 km/hr zone for about half to a quarter of a mile and there’s no houses. I thought this is only reasonable and fair for residents living on the eastern point of Port Alma– and they have been concerned about their safety,” says Fluker.

Fluker predicts the motion will receive a positive response from council.

“I’m cautiously optimistic because all councillors have certain areas that they’re watching very closely regarding speed limits. Certainly, someone going a high rate of speed isn’t positive,” says Fluker.