Police Briefs- Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Chatham man has been arrested for care and control of a motor vehicle.

On Friday at around 7:30pm, police say they reported to the area of 811 St. Clair St. in Chatham. According to police, witnesses called 911 to report a man stumbling around the parking lot at this location. When police arrived, the man had reportedly gotten onto his motorcycle and was attempting to start it.

He was arrested for care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired. He will be held pending a bail hearing.

Police say this is the man’s fifth impaired driving offence and the man was also prohibited from driving at the time of this incident.

Police say a vehicle caught fire in Wheatley Friday night.

EMS reported to Erie St. in Wheatley for a vehicle fire on Friday around 11:30pm. Police say a vehicle was parked on the side of road and was fully engulfed in flames upon arrival. The owner of the vehicle could not be located and there were no injuries.

Police say the registered owner of the vehicle reported selling it to a man who is yet to be identified.