Police Briefs – Friday August 4, 2017

A 30-year-old man is facing charges for allegedly harassing a woman.

On July 21, police say the suspect allegedly broke into a home through the back door after the woman who lived there refused to speak to him. Once he was inside, the woman pushed the man out of her home.

Then on August 3, the woman called police because the man was allegedly driving by her house.

Police arrested the 30-year-old and charged him with break and enter and harassment.


A Chatham man has been arrested in connection with a break-in at the end of July.

Police say on July 30, someone broke into a shed and stole soccer equipment, along with a “Chatham Strikers” soccer bag. The bag had the owner’s name embroidered on it, which lead police to a suspect.

On August 1, police say someone went into the 7-Eleven store in Chatham with the stolen bag. Police were able to identify the suspect and arrest him Thursday morning.

A 27-year-old is charged with possessions of stolen property under $5,000. He is set to appear in court August 23.


Sending threatening texts to an ex did not turn out so well for a Wallaceburg man.

Chatham-Kent police say a woman called police after she received texts from her ex, allegedly stating that the suspect would damage her home and hurt her as well.

A warrant was issued, and officers arrested the man Thursday morning.

A 35-year-old Wallaceburg man faces two counts of uttering threats.

He has a court date set for August 23.