The Canadian Cowgirls pose for a photo in Banff, Alberta. July 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Canadian Cowgirls via Facebook)

Cowgirls Impress At Calgary Stampede

The Canadian Cowgirls have done it again.

For the second time in two appearances, the Chatham-based group has been named the best equestrian entry at the Calgary Stampede parade.

Group captain Terry Jenkins says they got up bright and early to make sure they were prepared.

“We got up at 4am out here in Albertan time and we polished and scrubbed and we’re in beautiful shape right from the top of our flagpoles to the tips of our hooves,” says Jenkins. “We’re very thrilled, but we worked very, very hard.”

Jenkins says the last time they appeared in the Calgary Stampede’s parade was 11 years ago — and at that time, they also finished first in their category.

The Canadian Cowgirls were competing against over 800 other entries this year.

They will be performing multiple shows daily at the Calgary Stampede, which runs from July 7 to July 16.